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About Us

Digital Foundry was founded in 2004 and began publishing tech analysis on Eurogamer in 2007, with a YouTube channel following the next year. We specialise in tech analysis of games and hardware, using our own ‘bespoke’ tools for frame-rate analysis – covering everything from console, PC and beyond.

Our ranks have grown significantly since Digital Foundry’s inception. As directed by Richard Leadbetter, the team today produces edited video content for YouTube and Patreon, as well as guides, reviews and other articles on We are:

Alex Battaglia - video producer (@dachsjaeger)

Audi Sorlie – contributor (@pc98_audi)

John Linneman - senior staff writer (@dark1x)

Oliver Mackenzie - contributor (@oliemack)

Richard Leadbetter - technology editor (@digitalfoundry)

Tom Morgan - senior staff writer (@cataferal)

Will Judd - deputy editor (@wsjudd)

Games metadata is provided by IGDB.