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AyaNeo Air 1S/AyaNeo 2S Review - Faster Than Steam Deck/ROG Ally? Ryzen 7840U Tested

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AyaNeo's new Air 1S console combines the power of AMD's Ryzen 7840U with a tiny form factor and an AMOLED screen to produce a unique piece of handheld hardware, while the AyaNeo 2S offers a larger, LCD-based alterative with more flexibility on power. How well do they handle games? How much faster are they than Steam Deck? How does the 7840U in the new AyaNeo handhelds compare with the Z1 Extreme in the ROG Ally? We had so many questions on this one, and here's where you get some answers!



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AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

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