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DF Retro Play: Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Doom Engine Powers A Brilliant 3D Sonic Game!

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Join John Linneman and Audi Sorlie for some DF Retro Let's Play action, as the pair tackle Sonic Robo Blast 2 - a fan-made 3D Sonic game powered by the Doom engine. It sounds like a mish-mash that shouldn't work, but the reality is that it's one of the best 3D Sonic games you can play.



7.2 GB

1920x1080, 59.94fps, 30.3mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz



6.3 GB

1920x1080, 59.94fps, 26.9mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

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