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Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 Review: The Next Level In Graphics Performance

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Nvidia's RTX 4090 delivers a new level in graphics performance, to the point where there's an argument that in many/most gaming scenarios, you'll be hitting CPU limits - often, even at 4K resolution. In this review, we go into depth on what the RTX 4090 can deliver in the most punishing gaming graphics workloads, we examine its power consumption and efficiency, we look at image reconstruction, rasterisation and DLSS 3. Just how powerful is the RTX 4090? Find out here.



14.5 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 56.1mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz



8.3 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 32.1mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

New: AV1


9.6 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 37.3mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

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