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Persona 5 Royal - The Ports You've Been Waiting For - Every Console Tested - DF Tech Review

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Finally available outside of the PlayStation ecosytem, here we're covering every single version of Persona 5 Royal available - all of the last-gen consoles, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X|S and even Valve Steam Deck! There are no bad ports of this game - but there's definitely a sense of a lack of technical ambition. Oliver Mackenzie has the DF Tech Review for you.



3.4 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 30.1mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz



1.4 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 15.9mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

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