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Quake RT Three-Way Let's Play - Campaign Coop/Deathmatch - RTX 3050 vs RTX 3080 vs RTX 4090!

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Winding down for the end of 2022, John, Rich and Alex decided to polish off the year's work by looking at the recently released path-traced version of Quake played in multiplayer mode in both campaign coop and deathmatch! As usual, Rich chose the lowest-end hardware available, playing path-traced Quake using nothing more than an RTX 3050 - the slowest desktop RT Nvidia card. Alex opted for an RTX 3080 while John is on RTX 4090. Just a bit of fun - but if you have just a fraction of the fun we had in playing it, you should find it quite entertaining.



12.9 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 35.1mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz



7.7 GB

3840x2160, 59.94fps, 13.3mbps

AC3 2.0, 448kbps, 48000Hz

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