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October 2019 Archive

    1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare Multiplayer: PS4/Pro/Xbox One/X/PC - Which Has the Competitive Edge?
    1. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1660 Super Review: More Power, More Performance
    1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare PC Tested! Features, Performance + Ray Tracing Analysis!
    2. Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Xbox One X/S vs PS4/ Pro: A Tech Showcase Tested On All Systems!
    1. Call of Duty Modern Warfare: Deep-Dive Tech Breakdown + PS4 vs PS4 Pro Campaign Mode Tested!
    2. DF Retro Direct: Chris Huelsbeck Interview - In-Depth With One Of Gaming's Greatest Musicians
    1. Grid Autosport: Switch's Best racing Sim? - Full Tech Breakdown!
    1. Dragon Quest 11 Switch: A Brilliant Conversion
    2. Intel Ice Lake: Crysis Trilogy vs Dell XPS 2-In-1 - 60fps On Integrated Graphics?!
    1. Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Trailer/ Recommended Specs Analysis!
    1. In Theory: AMD Zen 2/Navi vs Xbox One X/ PS4 Pro - How Much More Performance Could We Get?
    2. Patreon Exclusive: Red Dead Redemption 2 PC Trailer!
    1. Overwatch: Switch vs PS4/Xbox One Graphics Comparison + Frame-Rate Test!
    1. Star Citizen: A Next-Gen Experience In The Making... And You Can Play-Test It Now
    1. The Witcher 3 on Switch vs PS4 - The Complete Tech Breakdown
    1. Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels - RTX Upgrades Tested + Xbox One X Comparisons!
    1. Sniper Elite 3 Ultimate Edition: Switch vs PS4 Tested - A Superb Conversion!
    1. Resident Evil 5 + Resi 6 On Nintendo Switch! Demo Graphics Comparisons + Performance Testing!
    2. DF Direct #21: PlayStation 5 Controller, UI, SSD News Reaction + Analysis
    1. Yooka-Laylee And The Impossible Lair: Spotless on Switch, Superb on PS4, Xbox One and X!
    1. Ghost Recon Breakpoint: PS4 Pro vs Xbox One X Graphics Comparison + Tech Breakdown!
    1. DF Retro Let's Play: Rocket Knight Adventures!
    1. DF Direct #20: Batman Arkham Knight - Epic Games Store vs Steam
    1. The Surge 2 on Consoles: All Versions Tested! Can Pro and X Lock to 60fps?
    1. Shenmue 3 Tech Preview: A Worthy Successor To A Retro Classic?
    1. The Last of Us Part 2: PS4 Pro Tech Preview!