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March 2020 Archive

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    1. Xbox Series X: The Complete Specs + Next-Gen Features Revealed
    2. DF Direct: Hands-On With Xbox Series X + Impressions + Xbox One X Size Comparisons!
    1. Sony DualShock 4 Back Button Attachment Review vs Xbox Elite Controller Series 2
    1. Nioh 2 on PS4/PS4 Pro - Three Performance Modes, Two Consoles Tested!
    1. Ori And The Will Of The Wisps - Xbox One/Xbox One X - The Digital Foundry Tech Review
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    1. Switch Overlay Mod: GPU/CPU/Temps Monitor - Doom, Mario Odyssey, Zelda + More Tested!
    1. Gears of War PC Original vs Intel Q6600/Nvidia 8800 GT: Original Hardware Performance Analysis!
    1. Halo Combat Evolved Anniversary PC Tech Review: Master Chief Version Analysed!
    1. Black Mesa: Half-Life Remake Tested - A Spectacular Revival of a PC Classic!
    1. Doom 2016 PC Dynamic Resolution Scaling Mod: Yes, It Works - And Yes, It's Great
    1. Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo: PS4/Pro First Look! - A Classic Upgraded on Unreal Engine 4
    1. DF Retro Play: Batman Forever PC - Baffling, Infuriating And Utterly Bizarre