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August 2020 Archive

    1. Project Cars 3: Every Console Tested - A Series Revolution But What About Performance?
    1. Mafia Definitive Edition: A Stunning Remake Showcased At 4K - PC Early Hands-on
    1. Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War - PlayStation 5 Trailer Reaction
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    1. DF Retro Hardware: The Origins of the 3D Graphics Card [Sponsored]
    1. DF Retro Play: Sonic Robo Blast 2 - Doom Engine Powers A Brilliant 3D Sonic Game!
    1. Xbox Series X Silicon Breakdown: Hot Chips 2020 Presentation Analysis
    1. FEAR - A Game Ahead of its Time - Tested on 2005 Retro PC! Athlon X2 3800+/6800 GT!
    1. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1+2: Demo First Look! - The Series Comeback We've Been Waiting For?
    1. Marvel's Avengers Beta: Xbox One X/Xbox One S First Look - A Generational Divide?
    1. DF Retro: Sonic The Hedgehog Ported To SNES: Tech Demo Analysis!
    1. Crysis Remastered Switch: Modding/Overclocking - Can We Improve Performance + Graphics?
    1. Destroy All Humans! 2020 Remake vs 2005 Original - An Unreal Transformation! [Sponsored]
    1. DF Direct: Halo Infinite Delay Reaction - Xbox 'Series S' Confirmed? - Nvidia Ampere Countdown!
    1. Marvel's Avengers PS4/PS4 Pro Beta First Look: Visually Spectacular But What About Performance?
    1. DF Retro Hardware: PS1Digital Review - HDMI for PlayStation 1 - Pristine Image Quality!
    1. 120Hz Next-Gen Gaming: All PS5 / Xbox Series X Games Announced + Best HDMI 2.1 Displays!
    1. Grounded Early Access: Why Is It So Demanding on Xbox One? All Versions Tested
    1. Horizon Zero Dawn PC: An Amazing Game Gets A Disappointing Port
    1. Razer Blade 15 Advanced: 300Hz Gaming On A Laptop - How Does It Play? [Sponsored]
    1. The Touryst for Xbox One and PC - A Superb Port of a Brilliant Switch Game!
    1. The Ultimate PS4 Pro: 8TB SSD Upgrade - Can We Fix Loading Times And Texture Pop-In?
    2. DF Retro Play: QuackShot Starring Donald Duck - Classic Mega Drive / Genesis Platforming!