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November 2021 Archive

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    1. DF Direct Weekly #38: Xbox 20th Anniversary, Xbox 360 FPS Boost, Hellblade PC RT/DLSS
    1. Grand Theft Auto Vice City + San Andreas Definitive Editions - PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S Tested!
    1. Elden Ring Beta: PS5/ Xbox Series X/S First Look - Quality vs Performance Modes
    1. Halo Infinite Campaign - Hands-On Impressions - Xbox Series X and Series S!
    1. DF Direct Weekly #37: Digital Foundry Hacked! PS5 Hacked Twice! Steam Deck Delayed!
    1. Grand Theft Auto 3 Definitive Edition Tech Review: Is It Really That Bad?
    1. DF Retro: Ridge Racer - The Second Decade - RR6/RR7, Ridge Racers PSP and Beyond!
    1. Call of Duty Vanguard: PS5 vs Xbox Series X/S + 4K60FPS and 120Hz Modes Tested!
    2. Elden Ring Network Test PS5 FPS Modes Tested
    1. Forza Horizon 5 PC: In-Game Ray Tracing Mod - RT On/Off Comparisons + Performance Tests
    1. Tales of Arise: PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X/S Tech Breakdown
    1. Forza Horizon 5 Coverage: Behind the Scenes at Digital Foundry
    1. Forza Horizon 5 PC: Can Graphics Scale Beyond Xbox Series X? Optimised Settings + More!
    1. DF Direct Weekly #36: Battlefield 2042 RTX, Dying Light Switch Upgraded, Bloodborne PS1
    1. Halo Infinite Campaign Re-Reveal Analysis: A Big Improvement Over Last Year's Showing?
    1. Guardians of the Galaxy: PS4/Pro vs Xbox One/X Tested - Can Last-Gen Consoles Keep Up?
    1. Forza Horizon 5: Every Xbox Version Tested - Xbox Series S/X vs Xbox One S/X!
    1. Forza Horizon 5 Tech Analysis: An Xbox Series X Masterpiece
    1. FIST: Forged in Shadow Torch PC Graphics Breakdown [Sponsored]
    1. DF Direct Weekly #35: Halo Infinite, GTA Definitive Edition, State of Play Reaction