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May 2024 Archive

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    1. Unreal Engine 5.4: Big Performance Improvements, New Features, But What About #StutterStruggle?
    1. The Matrix Awakens City Sample Demo on Unreal Engine 5.4
    2. Bonus Material: AMD 4800S Desktop Kit/RX 6700 10GB: Matrix Awakens City Sample - UE5.0 vs UE 5.4
    3. Final Fantasy 14 Arrives on Xbox Series X/S + PS5 Update - DF Tech Review
    1. DF Direct Weekly #161: Starfield Performance Upgrade, PS5 Pro GPU Info, New Switch 2 Reports
    1. OMEN Transcend 14: High-End Gaming on a Thin & Light Notebook [Sponsored]
    1. Fallout 4 Next-Gen Upgrade - DF Tech Review - The Good, The Bad & The Bugged
    1. Steam Deck Ray Tracing vs Asus ROG Ally: It Works But Should You Use It?