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April 2022 Archive

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    1. Unreal Engine 5 Matrix City Sample PC Analysis: The Cost of Next-Gen Rendering
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    1. DF Direct Weekly #57: Kingdom Hearts UE5, Witcher 3 'Next-Gen' Delayed, Criterion Need for Speed
    2. PlayStation 3's Infamous Reveal: 2005 Sony Conference 1080p AI Upscaled
    1. DF Retro: Gran Turismo - A Driving Retrospective - The PlayStation 1 Era
    1. Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - The Digital Foundry Tech Review
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    2. Unreal Engine 5 City Sample Download
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    1. Patreon Exclusive: DF Retro Pickups #7
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    2. Steam Deck Benchmarks: Windows 10 vs SteamOS
    1. DF Direct Weekly #55: PlayStation Plus vs Game Pass, Breath of the Wild 2, RTX 3090 Ti, Intel Arc
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